Feuerzangenbowle Movie Playing in Vancouver

Screen at Alpen Club

Here is a plot summary: The title refers to the Feuerzangenbowle punch consumed by a group of gentlemen in the opening scene. While they exchange nostalgic stories about their schooldays, the successful young writer Dr. Johannes Pfeiffer realizes he missed out on something because he was taught at home and never attended school. He decides to make up for it by masquerading as a student at a small-town high school. At the school he quickly gains a reputation as a prankster. Together with his classmates, he torments his professors Crey, Bömmel and Headmaster Knauer with adolescent mischief. His girlfriend Marion unsuccessfully tries to persuade him to give up his foolish charade. Eventually, he falls in love with the headmaster’s daughter and discloses his identity after provoking the teachers into expelling him from school.

This event takes place at the Vancouver Alpen Club, a meeting place built in 1935 and nurtured ever since. https://www.vacbc.ca/

This is what the Vancouver Alpen Club has to say about itself: Looking for a real German experience in Vancouver? Come and visit the Vancouver Alpen Club with our Restaurant ‘Deutsches Haus’ for genuine German food and beer (best selection in town) or attend one of our many events like Vancouver’s best Oktoberfest (`Das Original`) which we hold every year!

The Vancouver Alpen Club is also the best place to watch the Eurocup Soccer Game on a 17 foot screen! Here are the key dates:

26/03/2020: Play-off semi-finals
31/03/2020: Play-off finals
12/06/2020: Opening game: Turkey v Italy, Olimpico in Rome
12/07/2020: Final, Wembley Stadium (London)

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