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Captain of the boat

Sent in by Klaus Priebe

What a great way to see Germany and the rest of Europe. Whether you are retired like me or still working, a river cruise is a stress free way to travel. There is no driving or train going city to city, packing and unpacking every day, figuring out what to see, where to eat, no worries, all of that is looked after.

View from Cabin

A river boat is a floating boutique hotel, with fine dining meals, wine and beer included, comfortable cabins that are cleaned twice a day, entertainment and ever changing views.

You can travel from Amsterdam to the Black Sea and if you don’t have the time, you can do that in seven day segments. Or cruise the rivers of France or Portugal.

View of Cabin from shore

For a first time do the section from Nuremberg to Budapest, the most charming in our opinion. Small towns where you just walk off the boat and join the ships tour or wander on your own and see the church, castle and museum that every town has. The most interesting and moving section is Paris to Normandy.

Sometimes you even do one town in the morning and another in the afternoon. You are given the opportunity to bike between the two towns and meet your boat in the next town or you can just lie on the top deck, read a book and watch castles, vineyards and delightful villages go by.

Docking boat

There is no better way to see and experience a lot with no hassles, except in April/May the rivers may be too high and in September/October they may be too low, in both cases it could disrupt your cruise.

We recommend using an agent, they can usually get better pricing than the internet and maybe some extras like a shipboard credit. There are many lines to choose from, we prefer Avalon.

For further questions or advice feel free to email me: khpriebe@gmail.com.

Celebrating a birthday on Board
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