Flag Parade 2019 European Festival Event

On Sunday, May 26th when the European Festival Event was held for the first time, we planned a small VIP Reception in the Weinstube on the third story of the Vancouver Alpen Club, but not many of them were able to arrive on time. The only one there at 11:30 am was Constable Richard Wright and an unexpected visitor from Belgium: Honorary Consul Monique Poncelet-Gheleyns. Also in the picture are Beatrice Schreiber, President of the German Canadian Business Association and Wolfgang, aka Mr. Oktoberfest.

© elkeporter

The Flag Parade carriers were accompanied by the Swiss Band: Dorfmusik (village music) seen below. They have often performed in this role, over the last 21 years.

© lithuania – Dorfmusik

The first three countries were Belgium, Bosnia and Bulgaria:

© lithuania – Belgium
© lithuania – Not sure?
© lithuania – Bulgaria
© lithuania – Not sure?
© lithuania – Ireland
© europeannews – Flag carriers
© lithuania – Germany!
Carrying the flag
© europeannews – Germany
© lithuania – Italy
© lithuania – Latvia
© lithuania – Lithuania
Poland Flag Carrying
© lithuania – Poland
© lithuania – Flag row
© lithuania – Flag row #2
©europeannews – From the balcony
© lithuania – Leaving the stage
© lithuania – leaving the stage
© lithuania – Last ones leaving
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