Fondue Night in Coquitlam


Not many people realize that a Swiss Chalet belonging to the Swiss Canadian Mountain Range Association is tucked away in Minnekhada Regional Park, a peaceful nature sanctuary located near the Pitt – Addington Marsh Wildlife Management Area.

Swiss Mountain Range Chalet

The Swiss Association, together with the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce, planned their annual Fondue night and announced it on Facebook. Several members of the German Canadian Business Association, including Beatrice Schreiber and Claudia Liebrecht, were also excited to attend this event for the first time.

The Chalet was decorated with various Swiss-related objects, such as cow-bells, hanging deers and a number of birds!

There were about 80 people in attendance, and many of them were younger. Families brought their children and volunteers prepared the food. One table in particular, was so excited, they accidentally set their fondue pot on fire, as seen in the picture in the bottom right, but several heroes rushed to save the day and all was soon well and they were able to go back to eating more of the cheesy delight.

The meal started with a delicious salad, then we all were able to try the bread and the cheese, and finally everyone enjoyed the fruit salad for dessert.

Afterwards, it was time to try out the Culebras – the crazy twisted cigars – on the beautiful balcony together.

We had to warm up afterwards, in front of the wonderful fireplace.

Finally, we met a lot of people from the Swiss Consulate, the Swiss Chamber and the Swiss Mountain Range Association. With an almost full moon, and clear skies, it made for an almost perfect evening!

There was a Swiss Trivia Game that we played after dinner, but it just highlighted how little some of us knew about Switzerland! Next year we will be back, after spending some time on Google, so we can win the fantastic prizes – this year it was a scarf from the Swiss National Hockey Team, plus some delicious chocolates. Swiss, of course.

Finally, we said goodbye, but not before taking a final picture: one of Vince, the President of the Swiss Chamber, along with Beatrice, the President of the German Canadian Business Association.

Then we said goodbye and drove back to Vancouver, knowing most likely we would be back next year!

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