First European News Magazine!

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European News Magazine - Issue 1

European News: European News Magazine – Issue 1

European News Magazine will focus on European people, places and events in Western Canada.

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This is a 3-pronged approach to helping European Businesses thrive in Western Canada. The first is the creation of the www.europeannews.ca website. The second is the new “elkepr” Youtube Channel. The third is this magazine with advertising opportunities. Elke is offering digital marketing services, and paid listings for both businesses and jobs on European News.

The new ad fees for the next March 2019 magazine are:

  1. Full Page – $600
  2. 1/2 Page – $300
  3. 1/3 Page – $175
  4. 1/4 Page – $125
  5. Business Card – $99

Contact me if you would like to advertise, or if you an event or a business you would like to see us promoting. Thank you for all of your help!

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