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If you have been to Texas in the last few years, you might have seen the GermanDeli Retail Store at: 5100 State Hwy 121, Colleyville, TX, 76034. If not, you would most likely have contacted them online, where they sold over 5,000 German products. But when I looked them up in order to do this story, I saw the following message: “Sadly, after almost 20 years in business, GermanDeli is now out of business.”

This is another one in the long line of latest German businesses that are shutting down. Some reasons could be: nobody wants to take it over, harder to import products from Germany, less customers buying, people retiring, changing demographics and changing tastes.

They had an interesting history:

”It’s not about the food; It’s about the memories!”

When GermanDeli.com co-founder, Gina Green, uttered those words back in 1998, her older sister, Inga Bowyer, recognized the perfect motto for their fledgling German grocery store. Gina, Inga, and Inga’s husband, Jim Bowyer, knew – first hand – that many people who had once lived in Germany get an overwhelming craving for German specialties from time to time. And so, the three founders embarked on an amazing adventure into the world of imports, online merchandising, and ‘clicks & mortar’ retailing. 

Inga was born in post-war Germany to a Military father and a German mother. Together with Gina, sister Diane, and brothers, Mike and Fred the family enjoyed being stationed at several USAF bases in the USA, Puerto Rico and Europe. Being Military “Brats” while their dad, Fred, made a career in the military had its privileges. Several summer vacations were spent living with Oma and Opa, their mother’s parents, in Germany. After his retirement from the Military their father moved the whole family to Wiesbaden Germany. That’s where Inga eventually met Jim Bowyer, who was serving in the USAF at the time. They married in the same church in which Inga and Gina’s parents had been married. 

“Our German mother was an inspiration for starting GermanDeli,” claims Inga. “She had died the year before Gina, Jim, and I founded the company and we imagined that she would have approved of a store that would sell imported Schwarzwälder (Black Forest) Schinken (ham), juicy Nürnberger Bratwurst, hot and spicy Düsseldorfer mustard, and several hundred other delectable German foods and domestically-produced German-style products.” 

To read more, please visit their website here: https://www.germandeli.com/About-Us_2

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