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You can join the New Business Directory for only $25 here: http://www.europeannews.ca/business-directory/

But why should you join this particular business directory? There are 4 great reasons:

  • European News will promote your business and will offer you networking opportunities at events.
  • Your directory listing will include inbound links to your site, which can help drive traffic to your website or help you rank higher in search engines
  • We will help you build community with other Europeans and their businesses in order to offer each other mutual support.
  • We will provide information on industry and trade that will benefit you and your business
  • Each person who joins the Directory will be mentioned in the next edition of the European News Magazine

How can I join this wonderful directory?

Step 1 – Visit this page: http://www.europeannews.ca/business-directory/

Step 2 – Pay via the Payments page on PayPal – http://www.europeannews.ca/payments/

Step 3 – Choose your category out of the 26 choices (if you need one that isn’t there already, simply contact me and I can add it)

Step 4 – Post your Name, business name, your logo, one other photo, a description of your products & services, plus a link you want to send them to (usually your website).

Step 5 – Choose any other service you like (Featured Directory Listing, Banner Listing on the Home Page, Ad in the newly created European News Magazine, sponsorship of the magazine or sponsor a charity to be listed in this directory.

Step 6 – Tell all your friends, family and business colleagues!

Step 7 – Watch as your popularity rises and the money comes in! Enjoy

European News Multi-Ethnic Directory

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have all of the ethnic businesses on one page? If you are seeking a German-speaking doctor, an Italian nanny, a French cook or a Russian teacher, you will be able to find them in one area? Or are you seeking a particular product being imported from Europe?

If you have any ideas on how to promote this directory, I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Elke Porter

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