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EUCCAN is a developing organization with the mission of becoming “The Business Voice of Europe” throughout Canada. EUCCAN is working to become a key resource and main point of contact for European businesses in Canada and for EU businesses seeking to enter the Canadian market.

EUCCAN is an umbrella organization of 24 European Union bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations and 3 Associate Members from other European countries.  In operation since 1995, initially as EUCOCIT (European Union Chamber of Commerce in Toronto) and from 2013 as EUCCAN.

In 2017 EUCCAN was granted a contract by the European Union (EU) to support EU companies to take full advantage of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). This has allowed EUCCAN to expand its reach and resources in supporting EU companies to better communicate with each other and with EU institutional stakeholders; offering valuable up to date information to EU business in Canada and EU business seeking to enter the Canadian market; and facilitating communication and coordination between the different EU organizations and businesses throughout Canada.

With nearly 90  billion euro exchanged annually EU Member States and Canada are key trading partners. By creating a free trade zone between Canada and the 28 Member States of the European Union and greatly facilitating cross-border trade in goods and services and foreign direct investment (FDI), the recently concluded  Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is set to further expand this  strong partnership.

The CETA Market Access Program for EU Businesses will improve the supply and consolidation of information necessary to facilitate EU business activities and exports to Canada under new opportunities created by the CETA. This will be in liaison with the parallel direct grant for the EUCCAN to consolidate the actions of individual EU Member State Chambers of Commerce and serve as a designated point of contact for European business interests in Canada.

During the course of implementation, the CETA Market Access Program for EU Businesses will build a repository and network of legal resources for the EU Delegation to Canada to monitor implementation of the CETA and advise EU Member State Trade Counsellors and European economic operators established or seeking entry into Canada. The Program will involve frequent and sustained communication with a range of actors relevant to Canada-EU trade, including public officials (federal and provincial; EU and MS representatives), EU businesses, EUCCAN and Member State Chambers of Commerce, among others.

The CETA Market Access Program for EU Businesses will consist of two primary areas of work – (a) legal and policy monitoring, analysis, reporting, and recommendations; and (b) communications, engagement and networking with EU stakeholders and Canadian contacts – corresponding with the core results to be achieved, namely (i) putting EU businesses in a better position to take advantage of the CETA and better information for the EU Delegation to provide support; and (ii) establishing durable communication channels between EU businesses and market access stakeholders.

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