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Lately, I have heard rumours that a certain store in Ontario that allowed Canadians to order German magazines shut down and suddenly I was getting phone calls from people who wanted German Magazines, such as “Der Spiegel”, “Das Neue Blatt” or “Freizeitrevue” or even “Die Neue Post”.

Then I discovered that my parents were able to order German magazines through a company in New Jersey and have it sent to a Post Office Box in Bellingham. They just have to cross the border every month to pick it up.

GLP News in New Jersey

Since other people are most likely interested in this, I asked them for more information and found out about “GLP News” Zeitschriften aus Deutschland in 153 S. Dean Street, Englewood, NJ 07631. They offer International First Class Shipping, but it costs $383 US for 6-months and $193 US for 3-months. So this is good for people who don’t want to have to travel to the US, but have the cash to spend.

Here is one item from their frequently asked questions (Servicefragen) from the GLP News Store online:

Kann das Abo in Euro bezahlt werden?

Unsere Preise sind Dollar Preise. Wir akzeptieren Visa, Mastercard und American Express. Wenn Sie lieber Euro an unser Konto in Hamburg ueberweisen moechten, bitten wir Sie darum, uns vorher nach dem aktuellen Euro-Preis zu fragen. Email: info@glpnews.com oder telefax 1-201-871-0870

Black Forest Deli in West Vancouver

Another option I heard is the Black Forest Deli in West Vancouver, who has a few German magazines for sale. They can be found in the Park Royal Mall. http://www.shopparkroyal.com/store/black-forest-delicatessen/ Of course they don’t have as big of a selection.

European News Magazine in Western Canada

Otherwise, you can order your copy of my magazine “European News Magazine” for European Events in Western Canada. Found on www.magcloud.com/PorterPR – we report on what is happening with Swiss, Germans, Austrians and other European Countries locally. Please feel free to join in and send us your stories, your ads or just sponsor us.

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3 thoughts on “Ordering German Magazines

  1. GLP News just shut down without notifying any of their subscribers. We just renewed 3 magazines and when I spoke to them on 4/24/19, they did not tell me about the closing. Their website states that somebody else is taking over but they don’t state a name or a telephone number. Not a very good business behavior!!! Will dispute all charges.

    1. Hi Hiltrud, GLP magazine also stated: We ask for your patience for a few weeks until the deliveries and mailings can resume. Thank you for your support.” Hopefully it will all work out smoothly.

  2. I had not been notified as to the shutdown. Was wondering why I had not received my Brigitte Magazine for nearly two months. Now that I perused the websites (and it was well hidden) I understand. I hope the changeover will happen soon. I need my Brigitte fix!

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