Cleaning up Sudetenland

Ostpreussen Fluechtlinge

I received this letter recently:

My name is _____ and I am from Spokane, Washington (practically neighbours!), but I have lived in the Czech Republic off and on for nine years and I recently bought a flat in Vernerice (Wernstandt) Czech Republic.

The area off the country is one of the poorest areas in the republic, along with the history of World War II, the Benes pact after the war, I have discovered on my own, that the villages have been neglected and overlooked by both State and European Funds.

As this is the 100th Anniversary of the State of Czechoslovakia, I am looking to make some improvements in the former Sudetenland area.

Project 1 is to purchase a grass trimmer to clean up some of the cemeteries in the region, as the older pre-1938 cemetaries have been completely neglected. Small villages here have only enough funds to keep and maintain the newer cemeteries clean and tidy. My local mayor’s office has been responded.

If this goal is attainable, then steps to clean up the graffiti in the region would be the Second Step.

If donations exceed these plans, the money involved would be used for transport and outlying areas not reachable by public transport in a half-day (from Vernerice to Jesenik, for example).

All progress with reports and pictures will be updated on the webpage provided below.

If you have questions about my non-profit plan, feel free to contact me by e-mail: Kelster@hotmail.com or by my US Phone Number: 1 509-329-6880, or my GoFundMe page at: Czech German in Sudetenland

I thank you for your attention and consideration!

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